Long live this motto!
that's the deal if you want to be part of the gang.

Fluffy's are just a bunch of freaking cool creatures, that are livin’,  chillin’ and vibin’ together.

If you Don't burp, are you even worth?

A curse & blessing created by dr. fluffy — The booze.
No one knows for sure what it does to us, but who cares... Buuurp!

are you ready to taste the magic of the lab?

the dream is to spread our art worldwide —> powered by cardano

Read our project overview here

What's the supply?

3000 NFT's

Is there a whitelist?

Yes indeed!
It's called fluffylist.

Wen mint?

the mint took place on 21st August 2022

mint Price?

Fluffylist: 69 ADA
Public Mint: 99 ADA

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